Mobi File Reader

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Mobi File Reader is a simple file viewer for Mobi format e-books, it can help you to open a Mobi file and read its content. If you have many Mobi e-books, and want to know how to open it, then this compact software is just for you. This software is easy to use, furthermore, it is a completely Freeware, free to use.


  • Open and display Mobi files;
  • Read and show MOBI header (EXTH header);
  • Can convert and save Mobi files as Text files (*.txt);
  • Can convert and save Mobi files as HTML files (*.html);
  • Easy to use;


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Supported Mobi Header Records:

  • Author
  • UpdatedTitle
  • Publisher
  • Imprint
  • IBSN
  • Subject
  • PublishedDate
  • Contributor
  • Rights
  • ASIN
  • Source
  • Description


Please Note: not all Mobi files, there are a very few files can not be opened properly or only show images.
Not only Mobi files (file extension is *.mobi), this program can open some PRC files (*.prc) and AZW files (*.azw or *.azw3).
Complate survey before dowload !!

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