Enpass Password Manager 6

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  • PROS

    Automatic password capture, near-automatic replay. Supports broad range of platforms. Powerful password generator. Secure sharing. Password audit. Cloud-based syncing.
  • CONS

    Not free for mobile use. Password import failed in testing. Sync is manual. No support for Internet Explorer.

    Enpass Password Manager 5 is a big improvement over the edition we tested previously, but it still won't challenge the best free password managers. Note, too, that you must pay if you want to use it on mobile devices.

Passwords are terrible, we all agree, but they're a necessary evil, and poor password habits can set you up for an awful fall. Using a password manager frees you from the onerous task of remembering a unique, strong password for every website. Even so, the process needs to be as slick and automated as possible. Improving on its previous edition, the free Enpass Password Manager 5 now includes the expected ability to automatically capture credentials as you log in to secure sites, and almost automatically replay those credentials.

Enpass supports an impressive collection of platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Modern Windows. Only LastPass 3.0 has this broad a reach. However, like LastPass, Enpass doesn't give you all of these platform for free. If you want to store more than 20 passwords on iOS, Android, or BlackBerry, you'll have to pay a $9.99 one-time fee for each mobile platform. Modern Windows and Windows Phone are covered by the same $9.99 one-time fee. Once you've paid on a given platform, you have a lifetime pass to use Enpass on all your devices of that type.

Link dowload:       clnks.co/?TjW3p

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